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General Notice of award of Contracts- Project to Support Food Security storage in West Africa (closing date June 23, 2016)

The Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) has received funding from the European Union to cover the cost of the Project to Support Food Security storage in West Africa, and proposes use part of the funding for the payment of supply contracts, intellectual services and physical services required for the implementation of the project.

In this context, the Regional Agency for Agriculture and Food (ARAA) launches an expression of interest to establish a short list of vendors, consultants and other service providers. This list will be four (4) weeks from the date of publication of this notice. Beyond this period, expressions of interest will always be received and evaluated every three months to add to the database of suppliers of ARAA.

Please download the general view of procurement containing the list of supplies, consulting services and other benefits.

Crédits: AK-Project