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Revitalizing national SPS committees and regional consultation in prioritizing SPS matters, Ouagadougou, 5-7 July 2017

It was observed that these national SPS committees were not active/nonfunctional especially in the ECOWAS Member States. This situation was the results of various conditions and challenges encountered by Member States. These challenges are not well known. Further, solutions to address them are not yet proposed.

Therefore it is important to convene regional SPS and stakeholders meeting to review status of country SPS committees, update on progress made since creation, challenges encountered, perspectives for moving forward and creation of regional SPS committee’s network for advancing SPS matters in the region with the view of boosting intra-regional and international trade.

The Objectives

- to review current status of national SPS committee in the ECOWAS region,
- to document progress and challenges faced national SPS committees
- to proposed sustainable solutions to overcome identified challenges
- to create platform for sensitizing stakeholders on regional SPS matters
- to empower national SPS committee to implement SPS policy and regulation
- to discuss and endorse common position of SPS matters relevant to the region to be discussed at international fora.

pdf (893.9 kb)

pdf (893.9 kb)

Crédits: AK-Project