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Recruitment of an individual consultant to support the development of technical and economic data sheets and benchmarks for technologies generated and disseminated within the framework of WAAPP/WAATP (closing date 14/02/2018)

The West Africa Agricultural Productivity and Agricultural Transformation Programs (WAAPP and WAATP) aim, among others, to generate high-performance technologies whose adoption would help to remove some of the critical barriers to competitiveness and the performance of agricultural sectors and the companies that operate there. It also aims to accelerate the pace of adoption of the technologies developed. However, insufficient knowledge of the technical and economic performance of these technologies seems to hinder their adoption by actors likely to invest in the rural and agricultural sector. The development and availability of actors of the technical and economic factsheets and benchmarks (TEFs and TEBs) of the technologies developed and promoted will contribute to the improvement of the knowledge of these technologies and of the risks inherent in their adoption and will thus help the investment decision-making in these technologies. The ToRs are developed for the recruitment of a consultant to develop these TEFs and TEBs.

The tasks to be performed and other information relating to the conduct of the mission are detailed in the attached Terms of Reference.

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