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Publication : "Women's Land Rights in Liberia in Law, Practice, and Future Reforms" (USAID)

« This report provides a foundation for understanding women’s land rights in Liberia. The report builds on a Women’s Land Rights study produced under USAID’s Land Policy and Institutional Support (LPIS) project in 2013, incorporating findings from field research conducted jointly by Landesa, LGSA, AFELL (Association of Female Lawyers of Liberia), and WONGOSOL (Women’s Non-Government Organization Secretariat of Liberia) in April/May 2017. It also incorporates new research on the family and civil laws that affect women’s land rights, analysis of the constitutional case law that forms an important part of Liberia’s jurisprudence on women’s rights to land, and prior research on women’s land rights, primarily conducted under USAID’s Liberian land projects ».

Lien : Land Portal, 05/03/18, Women’s Land Rights in Liberia in Law, Practice, and Future Reforms

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