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New report CSAO - ECOWAP+10: Changes in the agro-food economy and their implications

As part of the "ECOWAP+10" process launched by ECOWAS, the SWAC/OECD Secretariat reflected on the underlying trends that are transforming the environment and prospects for the regional agricultural policy. Today 45% of the West African population lives in cities. Rapid urbanisation has resulted not only in an increase in the number of non-producing consumers but also in qualitative changes in demand; these two trends are powerful engines of agricultural transformation. Any effort to improve agricultural production will prove insufficient if challenges in other segments of the value chain are not addressed simultaneously. Agro-food systems in West Africa must adapt to changes in demand if the region is to take advantage of opportunities afforded by the size of its domestic market. As the region reflects on adjustments to its common agricultural policy ten years after its adoption, stakeholders and decision makers should take note of the evolutions in the agro-food economy since 2005. > download the paper (French)

The SWAC briefing note highlights the need to:

- Greater emphasize the commercial dimension of agricultural policies; the regional market plays a crucial role in ensuring food and nutrition security;

- Better target the areas of action; it is necessary to develop an agricultural policy that better takes into account the spatial dimension and dynamics of agricultural intensification that are occurring in areas that are best connected to urban markets; and

- Stronger focus on the post-harvest segments of food value chains and develop integrated agricultural policies

Read the report (french)

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