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Liberia : 7 communautés de Nimba signent un protocole d'accord pour obtenir des actes fonciers (En)

« At a ground-breaking event in the city of Saniquelle, Blei Forest outlying communities in Nimba have self-identified as first step in supporting customary tenure recognition as stipulated under the Land Rights Act 2018. The primary targeted communities are : Bassa Village, Gbapa, Gbobayee, Suakarzue, Yolowee, Zolowee and Zortapa. Green Advocates International- Liberia is implementing the six steps project ranging from self-identify, adoption of bylaws and land use plans, create communal governance structures, and obtain formal documentation of their community lands. »

Source : FPA, 03/12/20, Green Advocates Breaks New Ground - As 7 Communities in Nimba Sign MOU to Secure Land Deeds

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