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High Level Forum of Climate-Smart Agriculture Stakeholders in West Africa Bamako (Mali), June 15-18, 2015, with the technical support and the facilitation of Hub Rural

The objective of the Forum is to facilitate a collective reflection on opportunities, issues, challenges and strategic choices for the development of a climate-smart agriculture (CSA) in West Africa, in order to define the ECOWAP/CAADP Intervention Framework on CSA, and to establish the West African CSA Alliance responsible for operationalizing its implementation.

Specifically, it is to:

  • Collectively better understand the scientific, political and financial landscape of CSA in West Africa, in the sub-sectors of crop production, livestock and pastoralism, fishery, forestry and water resources management;
  • Analyze the ins and outs of CSA in the West African context, and to conduct a collective thinking process on the related opportunities, issues, challenges and strategic choices associated vis-à-vis these different sub-sectors;
  • Contribute to the CSA related discussion and position of the West African countries, jointly with their negotiators, regarding the upcoming CoP21 negotiations of Paris 2015;
  • Present national and regional programs and policies relating to CSA in all these sub-sectors; and to discuss about their progress and bottlenecks, as well as their level of their inter-sectoral consistency and coordination;
  • Give non-State stakeholders (farmers’ organizations, civil society organizations, private sector) the opportunity to prepare and bring to the table their messages, positions and contributions on the Forum related themes, towards national and regional decision-makers as well as regional and international scientific and technical organizations;
  • Give countries the opportunity to identify and present their support needs and requests towards regional and international institutions to better integrate CSA into their NAIP while reinforcing their consistency and coordination with NAPAs/NPAs/NAMAs and IWRM-AP at national level, and articulation with RAIP at regional one;
  • Give regional and institutional institutions the opportunity to present their initiatives and offers for intervention tools, approaches/mechanisms and services towards countries, and reinforce the consistency and coordination of their initiatives, based on the needs expressed by the countries, for better interventions efficiency;
  • Contribute, in a participative and inclusive way, to the definition of the ECOWAP/CAADP intervention framework on CSA and the associated implementing West African CSA Alliance, as part of the overarching ECOWAP/CAADP implementation, funding, monitoring and evaluation mechanism;
  • Articulate the West African CSA Alliance with the African CSA Alliance, the NGO Alliance for CSA in Africa, and the Global CSA Alliance;
    o Officially adopt and launch the ECOWAP/CAADP intervention framework on CSA and the associated West African CSA Alliance.

Download introduction and agenda

For more information, contact :

- Alain Sy TRAORE, Agriculture and Rural Development Director ECOWAS,
- Dr. Yamar MBODJ, Executive Director of Hub Rural,
- Dr. Marwan LADKI, Climate Change Expert, Hub Rural.

Crédits: AK-Project