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Regional Conference on Climate change and resilience of territories:Lessons from West Africa, September 10th to 12th 2018, Dakar - Senegal

Most African countries have opted for decentralization policies to address the challenge of territorial governance. In this context, decentralization provides an institutional framework to showcase the articulation between economic development and climate resilience from a territorial perspective; including the articulation between national and local planning and global agendas (i.e SDGs and the implementation of the Paris Agreement amongst others).

The conference will provide a multi-stakeholder platform for sharing knowledge as well as evidence and policy recommendations on the interrelationships between climate change and resilient economic development in a “territorialized” perspective.

The organization of the event falls within the framework of scientific animation activities organized periodically by Innovation, Environnement Développement en Afrique (IED Afrique) to share knowledge and make recommendations in order to contribute to improving the effectiveness of public policies.

Objectives of the conference

In a specific way, the conference will help :

- Use new research evidences and technical and institutional innovations for climate adaptation to reflect on the effectiveness of existing policy interventions to build more resilient territories ;

- Make recommendations to local, national and international decision-makers on approaches and policy instruments for the articulation between local, national and international agendas for resilient and sustainable social and economic development ;

- Identify knowledge gaps on the linkages between resilience and territorial development;

- To inform new partnerships for further in-depth studies.

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Crédits: AK-Project