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Summary of conclusions and recommendations on the regional workshop to review the implementation of NAIP and integrate guidelines of regional programmes/initiatives et emerging issues, Ouagadougou 26-30 june 2013

The regional workshop to accelerate the ECOWAP implementation within the unifying framework of the ECOWAS “Zero Hunger” Initiative was held, from 26 to 30 June 2013 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, at the initiative of the ECOWAS Commission and in partnership with the NPCA/NEPAD,

Organised with the technical support of the Hub Rural and other partners (CILSS, CORAF/WECARD, ReSAKSS) and the financial support of USAID, the workshop was attended by (i) ECOWAP/CAADP Steering Committee Heads and Focal Points in Member States, with the exception of Liberia ; (ii) Representatives of the ECOWAS and UEMOA Commissions, CILSS, CORAF/WECARD, FAO, IFPRI, OXFAM, NEPAD and ReSAKSS ; (iii) representatives of technical and financial partners ((European Union, AFD, Swiss Cooperation, Spain, USAID), (iv) regional socio-professional (ROPPA, APESS, RBM, AAFEX) and civil society organisations (WILDAF, POSCAO, AFAO), and ECDPM.

3. The objective of the workshop is to create conditions for a speedy relaunch of the NAIP implementation by taking into account regional initiatives and programmes and integrating emerging issues in agriculture and rural development within the unifying framework of the ECOWAS-driven Zero Hunger Initiative to speed up the ECOWAP/CAADP process.

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