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West Africa: family farms as a solution to unemployment

The Vice-President of the Network of Farmers' Organizations and Agricultural Producers of West Africa (ROPPA), Ibrahim Coulibaly, pleaded Tuesday in Dakar, for a transformation of family farms to combat unemployment among rural youth in Africa from West.

oung people in rural areas are "the first candidates for emigration and the most likely to join armed groups" because of chronic unemployment, the low level of education in rural areas and the inefficiency of public policies aimed at the fringe the largest of the African population, argued Coulibaly.

He was speaking at a workshop on the integration and settlement of young people in the agrosilvopastoral and fisheries sector.

"We pay consultants to make project documents for young people with thousands of dollars and we tell young people to get loans of 500 000 CFA francs to the bank. I think it’s nonsense, "said the vice-president of ROPPA, adding that if we continue this way of doing, no one will sleep in the West African region in a few years.

To reverse this trend, Ibrahim Coulibaly urged African policymakers to reinvest the billions intended for importing products like chicken, meat and others into the transformation of family farms.

He invited these decision-makers to train, assist and help young people, who "will be 20 million to look for a job in agriculture", to mount sustainable projects, pledges of sustained local development and job creation.


Crédits: AK-Project