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Un rapport de "High Carbon Stock Approach" confirme la responsabilité de Golden Veroleum Liberia en matières de déforestation et d'accaparement de terres (En)

« The High Carbon Stock Approach (HCSA), an agribusiness industry sustainability body, has confirmed longstanding allegations that Golden Veroleum Liberia, the Liberian investee of palm oil giant Golden Agri-Resources, committed widespread deforestation over a thousand hectares of forest, including endangered species habitat and important wetlands. In a comprehensive report published this month, the company was also found to have violated the land and cultural rights of local communities, including the right to free prior and informed consent and social requirements on basic needs and grievance and remedy. »

Sources :

FPA, 17/02/21, Independent Complaints Panel Finds Golden Veroleum Liable of Destroying Liberia’s Forests

HCSA, 04/02/21, HCSA-GM-2018-01 Grievance Case Summary (rapport téléchargeable en bas de page)

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