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Nigeria : de nombreux conflits fonciers liés aux frontières intercommunautaires (En)

« No fewer than 12 persons were recently killed and scores of others injured following a communal clash between Ebom and Usumutong communities in Abi Local Government Area of Cross River State. At about the same time, the border communities between Benue and Ebonyi States were engaged in renewed attacks which pitched the Agila against Ngbo people over disputed lands. In several other theatres across the country, communities are rising against one another in supremacy battles over land that is not put into any productive use. »

Source : This Day, 01/04/20, Nigeria : Violent Communal Land Disputes

Notre précédent article sur le sujet : Nigeria : le Sénat demande à la Commission nationale des frontières de s’occuper des conflits liés aux frontières internes (03/10/17)

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