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Recruitment of a consultant for the production of a compendium of the major regulatory laws governing regional trade in agricultural products in West Africa (closing date July 19, 2016)

The overriding objective of this collection is to facilitate understanding among transborder trade actors, of the regulations governing trade exchange within the West African sub region.

Specific Objectives:

- identify key documents: regulations, protocols, guidelines governing regional trade in agro-pastoral products

- do an analysis of documents and extract from them crucial items to be exploited for commercial activities

- translate the necessary documents into the designated languages

- transcribe documents into formats suitable for multiple use.

The consultant must have more than ten years’ experience in the area of regional trade and trade in agricultural products in West Africa. He must show in particular:

a. A vast knowledge of the trade policy instruments of ECOWAS and WAEMU;

b. A vast knowledge of the regional market’s operations of agricultural products within the ECOWAS;

c. A vast knowledge of ECOWAS and WAEMU laws on agriculture, trade, transport, customs, industry, free movement of goods and persons) in West Africa.

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